Miska is a journalist and global communications specialist based in New York City.

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Inside Kollectiv: A Holistic Health Oasis Hidden in the Concrete Jungle

Tucked behind cement high-rises and crowded sidewalks is one of the New York wellness scene’s best kept secrets: The Kollectiv. It’s elusive website promises “an environment for you to create and experiment.” We sat down with Founder, Alain Palinsky, to find out what that really means and learn more about the one-stop-shop for all things wellness. Where Health Stands in a City Full of Hangovers and Hotdogs The urban lifestyle certainly has its perks, but it’s inhabitants must be willing to pay

The Chinese Classroom: Updates on SDG 4 in China

The United Nations defines SDG 4 as the attainment of inclusive and equitable quality education and promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all. According to ​the 2020 reports from UNESCO​, SDG 4 in China has already experienced achievement. UNESCO ​awarded China a nearly perfect score of 99.8 for literacy and 99.5 for lower secondary completion rate. However, not all the data is there. The percentage of children of the official school-age population who are enrolled in primary educatio

As Haiti reels from converging crises, health workers continue the fight to end malaria

The last year has presented Haiti with immense challenges, from a devastating earthquake to ongoing political turmoil to the COVID-19 pandemic. These events have created more hurdles in the country’s fight to achieve a major global health milestone: malaria elimination. Nothing But Nets has supported malaria elimination efforts in Haiti for the past five years. In recent years, we’ve worked with partners to provide anti-malarial drugs, insecticide spraying campaigns, and malaria surveillance te

Op-Ed: Companies Should Abandon College Degree Requirements if They Really Want to Increase Diversity

While most parents were practically filling out their children’s college applications, my mom was trying to convince me that I didn’t need a fancy degree to start earning money. “You want to be a writer — just start writing!” she would tell me. As a teenager, her advice only made my desire to attend college grow stronger. Much to my great disappointment, I can now say she was absolutely right. There are things I love about college: The people I’ve met and the places it’s taken me around the wo

A Push for Free Elections in Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela — During President Maduro’s 2018 reelection campaign, he awarded rally attendees with bags of food. More than half the population also received special government IDs, which are required for accessing housing, pensions and medical procedures. After voting, Maduro instructed voters to scan their ID’s. “We will know who fulfilled their obligations to the Fatherland,” he announced. In September 2020, the United Nations Human Rights Council announced that the Venezuelan government

Looking back on Seattle parents' thoughts on CHOP

Steve Mentzer, visiting CHOP with his family, said that while he supported the activism, he wouldn't want his kids at CHOP alone at night. “I think any time you get a very diverse group of people together, there is always going to be conflict. I think the challenge here is that because there is no official law enforcement in thearea, and the fact that for the most part... it is an open-carry area. There is always going to be the prevalence of someone getting stupid, drinking something, drug infl

Political polarization at the center of “Straight Pride Parade”

The controversial “Straight Pride Parade” drew roughly 200 participants to Boston Aug. 31. A majority of the attendees came to back Super Happy Fun America, or SHFA, a group that describes themselves as “advocates for the straight community.” Many marchers decked themselves out in Trump apparel, waved American flags, and held signs with statements such as “Straight Lives Matter” and “It’s Great to Be Straight.” A counter-protest, which drew nearly 600 people, met the participants with strong op

Fraternity members walk in support of mental health awareness

Beta Theta Pi brothers walked to bring awareness to mental health issues at the Out of the Darkness Walk. Behind the SMILE — a suicide and mental illness education student group at Northeastern — led students and faculty in the Out of the Darkness Walk Sunday. The walk drew a diverse crowd of supporters. Participants wore different colored beads around their necks to show their personal connection to the cause, wearing green for a personal struggle, purple for a loss of a relative or friend an


Miska brings her knowledge of sustainable development and experience within the UN system to her journalism, focusing on stories that evaluate how democracies take shape in America and abroad. Her work has appeared at the United Nations Population Fund, The United Nations Foundation, Borgen Magazine and the Western Journal.